In October 1995, leading hair & makeup artist John Kattenberg founded House of Orange; representing an elite group of 8 outstanding talents in hair, makeup, fashion and interior styling.

Today House of Orange serves the international fashion industry, from high end to cutting edge, with it’s top talent league of 50 stylists, hair and makeup artists and an ambitious production team for projects running from catwalk shows to campaigns.

John Kattenberg’s gut-personal vision still ruling unabated, House of Orange, rather than just managing creative careers, represents a loyal family of passionately talented, highly professional yet charmingly authentic people. House of Orange earned its international reputation for setting new style-standards by successfully combining individual creative excellence with immaculate service and communication. 

Hair, Makeup & Styling

Apart from its internationally renowned stylists and hair & makeup teams, the House of Orange styling department offers full service production and art direction for fashion shows, both front stage and backstage.

Boasting many years of experience and a vast international network, everything from concept to casting and choreography is done in the same outstanding way. Management and production is in the capable and caring hands of Erik van Dillen and Helena Llamas, who not only run the day-to-day practice with grace and style, but also guide, and often ignite, the many magic forces involved in making this unique business happen.